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for cello

op. 98 | 2017


for percussion

op. 96 | 2017

Dla Władka

for cembalo



for percussion

op. 93 | 2016

Musica della notte. Omaggio a Pasolini

for percussion and orchestra

op. 91 | 2016

Lutosławski Variations

for organ

op. 90 | 2015

Figure veneziane

for flute

op. 89 | 2015

Ultima neve

for trumpet and piano



for violin

op. 87 | 2015


for cello solo

op. 82 | 2014

Cello Concerto

for cello

op. 77 | 2013

Sonata da chiesa

for accordion

op. 72 | 2012

Σκιαμαχια / Skiamachia

for percussion

op. 68 | 2011

Le Petit Livre de Clavecin

for cembalo

op. 57 | 2010


for cembalo

op. 56 | 2010

In shadow of Emily D.

for piano

op. 51 | 2009

Schübler Choräle

for organ

op. 48 | 2009


for tape

op. 42 | 2008


for organ

op. 38 | 2007

Métamorphose de l’esprit

Cello Solo Sonata No. 1

op. 33 | 2007

Drei Formen

for viola

op. 33b | 2007

Fanfara Clamare

for organ

op. 25 | 2006

Cembalo Concerto

for cembalo [piece withdrawn by composer]

op. 24 | 2006


for alto saxophone

op. 21 | 2005

Orpheus and Euridice

poem for piano

op. 20 | 2005


for organ

op. 7 | 2003

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